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Our 24-hour roadside assistance is the main reason why people keep choosing us as their provider. When you need us, we are there. Whether its a flat tire, dead battery, no gas, or simple tow, we will be there quickly to assist.
Our help is available right from your phone, within two clicks - click here to call us.
We provide the next roadside assistance services in the greater Los Angeles area:

Battery Jump Start: Dead battery? Forgot your lights on? No worries! You are not the first one and not the last one, and that's why we are existing, to help you in such an emergency. With the developed nightlife L-A area, many cars are being left with the lights on which ending up in a dead battery. Call us, and we will jump it for you within minutes.

Mobile Battery Replacement: If your battery is completely drained, in some circumstances, we can avoid the hassle and expense of a tow. To save you time and money, we won't tow you to a mechanic shop. We can get a new battery and replace it for you wherever you are at work, office, home, or school.

Don't panic! We will help you with your Towing needs

Tire Change: In most of the scenarios, people do have a spare tire but without the right tools to change it. In some of the cases, lack of knowledge is an issue, or the location is too dangerous (like highways) to replace it yourself. G.A. Los Angeles Towing can dispatch a driver to your site quickly, and rest assured that he will take care of the rest


Gas Delivery: Don't panic! If you run out of gas, a phone call to us will deliver it fast. Let us know the make and model of your car, so we know what type of fuel to deliver, and we got you covered.


Car Lockout: We can help you if you are experiencing one of the next:

  • Lost ignition key

  • Key breaks off in the ignition, door or trunk

  • Keys are locked in car

  • Keys are locked in the trunk

Our tow truck operators are capable of basic locksmith skills, so when you stuck outside of your vehicle, they will get you back on the road quickly.


Coolant Fluid Delivery: We can save you some time by delivering coolant to your location. So if your engine light goes on for that reason, we will deliver it to you quickly.


Electric Cars Battery Charge: Unfortunately we are unable to jump electric cars since the battery technology is different and you can use the cables. In case you run out of electricity, we will have to tow you to a local mechanic or charging station.


Other services:

RV Roadside Assistance

Motorcycle Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance in Los Angeles
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